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“My ears can’t be seen just like your celebrity status” – Efia Odo dragged by male fan on social media [Details]

Efia Odo is at the receiving end of a social media banter between herself and one fan called Latif on Twitter.

The genesis of the virtual scuffle was when this Latif shared a post on Twitter suggesting that it was wrong for Akuapem Poloo to be jailed while Efia Odo who has been sharing very unacceptable photos of herself is free.

There was no response to this somewhat factual and harmless post by Latif from Efia Odo since everybody including herself will attest to the fact that she has relied on nudity for fame than anything else.

Well, moments thereafter, Efia Odo shared a post where she asked who was in for randoms. Here, randoms on Twitter means, a celebrity getting into the dm of an ordinary follower and where the two engage in a convo for how long it could they sustain it.

Latif, with the speed of the wind, said he is ready for randoms thus Efia Odo should look in his direction. Clearly, this was the right time for Efia Odo to clap back at him for the post he made earlier comparing her to Akuapem Poloo and why she is a bigger culprit in the shame of things.

Efia Odo went for a photo of this Latif guy and shared it by captioning it hilariously and making fun of him. In fact, she said he needs to go get his ears because his head has none before he could qualify for randoms.

Latif was pained. After over 30 minutes of contemplating on how to get back hard at Efia Odo, he retweeted by stating that his ears are off just like her celebrity status. Whoosh! that should hurt!

Efia Odo, clearly hurt came back strong with a post that suggested that she was not pained by the strong comments made by Latif especially when the guy insinuated that Efia Odo’s celebrity status is either a cosmetic one or bought.



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